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"Photography is the sweetest memory of a Wedding. To select a proper photographer we had to consult with so many studios. Unfortunately we consider the album size and the prize only. Finally we select a studio. On that time no proper idea about the photography (Before one year). But there’s a small concern about the private photography, since decided to find about the photography. For that we used his Blog page & the Facebook page. Before 3 months for the wedding we spoke to him, from that onwards he tells as in Humanity about the wedding photography and its importance. We had our first conversation about the Pre Wedding Photo Shoot. He informed about the relevant details of it, the dress & the location. We prepared ourselves for that. Because of the Pre Wedding Photo Shoot we created a good understanding each other. On that time we notified the Photographer who is doing a good job because his profession with sincerity and in a young age with lots of experience. The moment we see our photos in the Facebook & the comments it got, we were so happy, which is a result of his hard work, it is highly appreciated. Those photos have been made with the maximum creativeness. From that we got an unbreakable trust for the Wedding photography. It shows the Ethic as a photographer. I hope so, he has done a good job in the wedding day with the allocated time without any stress and we got a good product. Thank You Card and the Second day Photos were done with a good finishing. The comments we got from the Facebook for our wedding photos, we identified that photography has done in anexcellent way. I believe that Humanity, Talented, Not focusing the money at all and the technology use which is their in Dushantha’s job role at every time. I wish he should have a long journey in photography for the rest."
- Harshani & Maduranga